How to work with SenseCAP Portal? Let’s go!


The main function of the SenseCAP Portal is to manage SenseCAP devices and to store data. It is built on Azure, a secure and reliable cloud service from Microsoft. You can apply for an account and bind all devices to this account. SenseCAP provides the web portal and API. The web portal includes Dashboard, Device Management, Data Management, and Access Key Management, while API is open to users for further development.


Create a new account

① Select register account, enter email information and click “register”, the registered email will be sent to the user’s mailbox.

② Open the “SenseCAP…”Email, click the jump link, fill in the relevant information, and complete the registration.

③ Return to the login interface and complete the login.

  • Note: If you can’t find the email, it may be automatically identified as “spam” and put in the “trash can”.
  • If you forget your password when logging in, you can retrieve it through your email.

Download the SenseCAP APP

Install the SenseCAP App and log on.

Bind Device

The SenseCAP device has a lable on the enclosure and as shown in figure. EUI is the unique code of a SenseCAP device. The Key is an encryption field, and it can be ignore.
On the SenseCAP APP main page, you can click the “Bind” button, then scan QR code and bind device.

Check Data

Log in the SenseCAP Portal, check the device status and basic information in the “Device/Sensor Node”, and check the sensor data in the “Data/Table”.